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Photo Tips

Improve your photos with these tips

  • Use a good camera, but today's smartphones can do a decent job
  • Charge your batteries beforehand
  • Clean the lens and viewfinder with a soft cloth
  • Use existing light, the brighter the better.
  • Use flash in a pinch but only for close subjects
  • Turn off flash during performances
  • Set the white balance if your camera allows--auditoriums use tungsten/incandescent
  • Set the automatic mode to portrait or whatever comes closest to a musical performance
  • Zoom in on subject but not very far if it's dark
  • Try getting closer instead of zooming
  • Don't use digital zoom
  • Be steady as you can; don't hold camera at arms length
  • Press button lightly without jarring camera
  • Consider the whole view, don't just target your subject
  • Get faces, but they don't have to be posing
  • Let the camera focus, tapping the subject if your camera allows
  • Time your shot for the instrument or interesting arms on the director
  • Take extra shots to make sure you get some good ones

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