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Sharing Start Here

Just enjoyed a great performance? Then share some kind words for the performers and instructors by adding a comment: open, and if all is working well, you should see a basic post for the event right at the top. If you post days later it may have moved down a bit, of course. You need to log into the commenting service to help control the spammers.

Have some photos to share? You should be able to add some with your comment. Have many photos or videos? Then you will need to first upload them to another hosted service, set the "album" or file to Public, find and copy the share link on that service, and paste it into your comment. The other posts on Share will help you with specific services.

An easy way to share: add the tag #kmsdmusic to your shared files on services that support it. Anyone can then discover your photos and videos by searching those sites for kmsdmusic.

If using your phone, you can do it all in the palm of your hand. If using a camera, then you will have to copy the files to your PC first, then use a service's app or web page to upload the files. For fellow perfectionists, weed out the crud, edit the photos a bit, and take some time to trim down your video.

Are you skilled at video and photography, and/or writing, and wish to contribute good-quality content to an event post? Then contact the editor of this site. We need parents to make great! Help is especially needed for elementary and middle school events. 

Now start sharing! If you have tips for other services, contribute with a comment below or contact the webmaster.

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